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A dancing dragon during Chinese New Year celebrations
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Our website provides general information for those who want to travel independently in China. We also present an introduction for others who would like to know more about the vast country.

China is not a scary place. Far from it, foreigners are greeted with a blend of curiosity (diminishing as foreigners become more and more commonplace in the cities), occasionally caution, but mostly with either urban indifference or warm hospitality.

Siguniangshan mountain, Sichuan, China
Painting from a Buddhist temple, showing a crested crane, Lijiang town, Yunnan Province

image: David Brodie

image: David Brodie

Siguniangshan, Sichuan Province ... the peak is about 6000m.

Temple decoration, Lijiang, Yunnan  Province

The country has four thousand years of continuous civilization, with its unique culture flourishing during long periods, and its technologies spreading westward.

images: David Brodie and Adobe Stock

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